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Few things in this world are more beautiful than flowers. In our busy lives, we often pass by a blossoming arbor without a second thought. It's that "second thought" we hope you'll have when you see these cards.

Individual Photo ArtCards, ArtCard Gift Sets, and Spectacular Giclee Prints await you.

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Takahashi Letterpress Collection (TLC)

Plush and whimsical, the Takahashi Letterpress Collection (TLC) gives you a unique way to celebrate all occasions.

Each charming design is pressed into our high-quality paper. Run your fingers across one of these cards to appreciate how truly rich they are!

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Eternity Collection

Featured Artist - Greetings With Heart is happy to introduce the art of Mirella Motet to the United States.

Just north of the Tropic of Capricorn lies Mauritius - the island where Mirella creates her designs. The warm, tropical waters are the source of her inspiration.

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Fantasia Magica Collection

The enchanting designs in this collection were created in sunny Barcelona by Spanish artist Rosa Maria Morató Roig.

Each photographic image from her original hand-painted work is mounted in indigo ice, acid-free, archival, made-in-the-USA stationery and printed with a lustrous-iridescent finish to highlight color and depth.

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Featured Collection: Seasonal Offerings

Celebrating the vibrant colors marking the changing of the seasons

Featured Collection - Fall and Winter

Fine Art Giclee Prints

Brilliant canvas prints utilizing the latest printmaking technology

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A personal card is real and timeless, especially in this age of computer virtual reality. A hand-written greeting is a tangible way to communicate with those you love, to share happiness, to show sympathy, to inspire. A personal note is the first opened and most cherished.

Enjoy Greetings With Heart, a garden of handmade and personal cards created in Santa Cruz. Our charming town on California's Central Coast is renown for its skilled artisans.

Greetings With Heart practices fair trade and community-friendly business. A portion of its income supports the environment and world peace.

For your greetings and gifts for life's many celebrations, visit us often!